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Over 18 years in the industry learning, understanding & achieving results on some of the best cars in the country.

Our Moorabbin based showroom in a highly secure and safe facility, is designed with thorough LED lighting to show our clients a true finish of their vehicle.

Whether you’re looking at protection for your new vehicle or restoring & protecting your old vehicle, we will come up with a solution to best suit your vehicle’s needs.

We take pride in our in-depth attention to detail. The key to a good detail is all the minor things that generally you cannot even see.

We offer thorough and intensive detailing to bring out the absolute best of your vehicle. From detailing under carriages & removing wheels/detailing wheel arches, to cleaning and restoring leather. Contact us today so we can put together a plan for your vehicle.

We have been using Max Protect Coatings for almost 10 years now with nothing but amazing results and feedback.

A good protective Coating will ensure protection from Melbourne’s harsh elements, which will help you keep your vehicle cleaner for longer periods of time as well as reduce wash/drying time.

The “ rubber “ UNCR Coatings introduced by Max Protect were designed not to stain, which is a common problem with regular Ceramics.

What you can expect from this Coating.

  • Amazing water behavior / hydrophobic
  • Help with wash induced swirl marks/scratches
  • Extreme high gloss
  • Help with road rash/pitting (small chips)


We are one of the best and experienced applicators for this Coating in Australia.

We have spent almost 20 years developing and perfecting techniques to produce absolutely flawless finishes.

Paintwork needs to be carefully and meticulously maintained in order to have a blemish free finish.

If not, your paintwork will develop imperfections such as swirl marks & light scratches which will reduce clarity, depth of colour & gloss levels.

Our paint correction service involves extremely thorough machine work with both Rotary and Dual Action machines to ensure paintwork is properly corrected & levelled, to produce the absolute highest levels of gloss possible.

We are 100% certain with this service we can drastically improve the appearance of your vehicle.

If you are interested in bringing your vehicle to a condition you’ve never seen before, contact us today.


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